Tuesday, September 25, 2012

8 months Old!

Weston continues to impress us with his motor skills and his ability to "communicate!" He's constantly babbling and ooing! We love to hear that sweet voice making noises! I keep saying each age is my favorite, but I've sure loved this time! He's getting more and more personable...love the sweet boy Weston's becoming! He's still a good sleeper and even better eater! He's eating baby foods 3x's a day and enjoying some puffs here and there...and breastmilk too, of course! 

At 8 months, you love to read books, listen to worship music, play outside, take baths, be cuddled, and eat! You are quite the squirmy worm during diaper changes, but you get through it! Here are some of my favorite pictures from your 8th month of life...

 slip n' slide, bath style!

 So thankful that I have a husband who takes time to read to our son! These two make life so full of JOY!
 Weston's 1st High School football game...@ CPA! Enjoying the view with Bob!

 Callen, Pate, Weston, and Wesley...sweet friends!

 Picnic time with daddy!
One of my FAVORITE pictures of Weston so far...love love love that edible grin...and that chin...heavens you're cute boy!

 Play date with friends!

 Weston's first time to eat at Loveless Cafe! He loved the blackberry jam!

 Thankful for my family of 3!

Mommy's 27th Birthday celebration at GieGie and Bob's house!

 Weston's first visit at Aunt Joanne and Uncle Leo's house! He did so great on the drive there and back and behaved while there!

Happy 8 months, Weston boy!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Play date at Cheekwood!

Jenny and I took Mia and Weston for a play date at Cheekwood's Treehouse exhibit. They had a great time! Weston, at 7 months old, didn't get to climb in a out, but Mia sure had fun! I enjoyed my time with Jenny too!

 Someone's having fun!
 Weston liked that cool water running between those sweaty toes!
 The fish treehouse from the book, Rainbow Fish, was my favorite! Scales were made of CD's...very creative!