Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My First Month

February 25th Weston was 1 month old!!

I can't believe Weston is already a month old!! Pregnancy seemed like forever, but now that this sweetheart is here in my arms it's flying by. I am, however, soaking up every second I have with our little peanut! He is such a blessing and so perfect! "Every good and perfect gift comes from above" for sure!

Here is a little bit more about sweet Weston:

Eating Habits:
The boy has a hollow leg! He nurses very well. He's still nursing about every 3 hours during the day. Lately he's been going a little longer. Friday the 24th he went 6 hours straight at night without feeding! I couldn't believe it! He is so good at night. When he starts to wake up, I change him, nurse him, burp him, and lay him back in his bassinet and he's out! Couldn't be more thankful for that! Now, sometimes the feedings take up to an hour, but it's worth it! Nursing him has become one of my favorite times. I love looking down at his precious little face. He's started to show more expressions with his face which I can't get enough of! He will also wrap his little arm around my arm while feeding.

Things he likes:
He loves to be held close to your chest. He always has his little hands on or near his face! He likes his little green paci most of the time, but not using it at night, so far! He likes to sit in his swing his Great GrandNanny gave him for short periods of times. He loves listening to his Praise Baby CD and he really loves to be sung to. Poor boy has to listen to this ridiculous voice, but he does like it, for now atleast! He enjoys his bjorn carrier, that's how we take walks together! He doesn't even mind his carseat! Infact, every time he gets in it, he falls asleep! He is content on his play mat for short periods of time too! He likes to be outside and loves riding in daddy's truck!

Weston has gone many places, but sat in the truck for most of them!! I haven't been brave enough to expose him to the massive germ pool of some places yet. He's gone to HEB, Target, Walgreens, Starbucks, Books a Million, James Avery, Sonic, Dr. appointments, and Mountainview. He did go to Cottonwood Golf Course for the first time. Weston and I walked around the course as daddy gave VJ a lesson! He did great until he got hungry, then he fell apart! He's also helped daddy train Cutter!

Weston has had lots of people visit him since he's been home! He's met our neighbors the Ludwigs (Rodney, Debbie, Corey, and Meagan) Daneya and Taylor Meyer, Kaitlyn Mercer, Nicole Fanning, Laura Alford, Scott and Jenn Robison, Melodie Robison, David Ridley, Ross Purdy, Katie and Abbie Gravens, and Chase and Rachel Thomas! We are thankful to those who provided dinner for us during this time also!! =)

Pictures from Weston's 1st Month!
He loves taking naps with Daddy!

This was taken at the hospital when sweet Weston was 2 days old!

Our new family!

Enjoying time with Mrs. Thomas!

Enjoying time with Uncle Chase!

Uncle David came to visit and brought dinner too!

Taking a nap in my big boy bed!

Slept through my visit to the golf course!

Enjoying Weston!

LOVE him to pieces!

I'm a happy baby!

What did you say Mom!?

Thanks Katie for my awesome baseball tie onsie!

Like Father, like son!

"Yes! I'd love to go on a walk, mom!"

A visit from Uncle Purdy!

Enjoying a nap in my Nanny swing!

Mom thinks I look like her in this picture!

Monday, February 27, 2012

First Bath at Home!

Weston's umbilical cord stump fell off on day 7 and I was ready to give that boy a real bath!

Mom was still here so she got to video it while Wes and I attempted to bathe him! We put him in the little frog bath (thanks to Kaitlyn and Nicole!) in our big tub. He didn't seem to mind it until we got him out and started drying him off...that's always the worst part. You are all warm and relaxed and then the cold air hits you as you're drying off and it's no fun anymore, Weston felt the same! He sure smelled good afterwards! He nursed and then truly "slept like a baby" after that!

Coming HOME!

Friday, January 27th, we were discharged from the Hospital!

After lots of "hurry up and wait" we left Hillcrest around 2:00pm and headed for China Spring! Wes' truck was packed full of flowers, balloons, gifts, and all our gear!

As we approached our driveway, we saw a huge sign taped to the gate that our neighboors, the Ludwigs, had made that said, "WELCOME HOME WESTON!" I of course cried!

Rachel saw the truck coming up the driveway and ran out to greet us and capture some homecoming photos as well! She and mom had also cleaned our house top to bottom, it looked and smelled wonderful!!

We unloaded the truck, showered in our own shower, and rested until Pawpaw and Emme arrived from Nashville! Weston was so excited to meet his Pawpaw!
My first ride in Daddy's truck!

Pawpaw and Weston!

Sleepy baby

So thankful for family!

Auntie Ray is the BEST! Even Cutter loves her!

Days 2 and 3 of Weston's life!

Shortly after Weston was born, we were taken over to the Mother and Baby side of the hospital where we would spend the next 2 nights.

Weston was quickly assessed after arriving to our new room. They gave him a 9.9 out of 10 on the APGAR! She did however decide to take Weston to the nursery to have his lungs cleared out. His breathing was faster than they liked, so they wanted to keep a closer watch on him. As you can imagine, I wasn't wanting anyone to take him anywhere, but if it was a matter of his well-being, I wanted what was best. However, you better believe Daddy Wes was on their heels following them wherever they went! My sweet sister Rachel crawled in the hospital bed with me and kept me company/calmed me down while Wes and Weston were in the nursery.

They sucked some fluid from his lungs which helped. They also gave him a bath and tried to make him angry so he could cry some more fluid out. Weston did NOT enjoy his first bath, he screamed the whole time. The nurses did their job though, because him crying helped to clear his lungs even more! They finally came back in with a clean smelling little angel where he got to stay the remainder of our stay.

While in the hospital we had many sweet guests! We had...Greg, Nida, Tyler and Kate Priest, Trae and Brad Kendrick, Jan Hiroms, Charla Upchurch, Jeff, Katie, and Abbie Gravens, Kristi Miller, Ross Purdy, David Ridley and of course our sweet family, Bob and Giegie, Rachel and Mom! Dad and Emme drove from Nashville and came on Friday once we were home! Mrs. B, Ross, the Lockes, Mom and Rachel and Big Creek all sent flowers and goodies to our room!

Weston is one loved little blessing! We are so grateful to all our friends and family who spent time praying for our precious son!

Weston LOVES his Auntie RayRay!

All smiles over Weston!

Enjoy family time!

Wes changing Weston's first diaper! He did GREAT!

Sweet cross Rachel and Mom bought to remember Weston's birth, that we added to the cross wall at home!

Welcome Wee Weston!!

James Weston was born January 25th, 2012 at 1:32pm! He was 7lbs. 14oz and 20in! He was just perfect!

The cervadil took so well they ended up taking it out sooner than expected. Original plan was to leave it in place for 12 hours, but my contractions were getting closer together and it was keeping me up, so they ended up taking it out around midnight. The next morning around 6:00am they started my pitocin, and then broke my water around 8:00am. All was going smooth until Dr. Wang came in to check me and discovered sweet Weston was sunny side up! Uh oh! I had to then get in the "praying position" which mean I had to face the back of the hospital bed on my knees, for an HOUR! Yes, HOUR! That was the longest hour of my life, not to mention the hardest! This ended up being so difficult because I couldn't rest in between my contractions. Keeping in mind I was at a 6 so my contractions were getting closer together and more intense. BUT, praise the Lord, the praying position worked, he turned himself around! I began to feel the urge to push shortly after...was told to wait...felt the need again...the nurse came in and checked, and called for Dr. Wang, it was GO time! Thank you Lord for being able to finally push, what a great feeling! I did get to see him crowning with the mirror, which truly helped me continue to push! I'm thankful now that I chose to see that little head! After 4 rounds of the 10 second pushing sessions, WESTON was HERE!

The greatest feeling in the world...when my sweet blessing was laid on my chest for the first time! 

Every good and perfect gift is from above!

Our labor experience couldn't have been any better, well actually maybe take out the sunny side up part, then it couldn't have gone any better! Overall, it was great! My precious mom was in there with Wes and she was such an encourager to us both. She held my hand, wiped my sweaty forehead, dug her fists into my back when I was having back labor, and prayed into my ear when contractions felt unbearable! Wes did an unbelievable job as well! I have the greatest husband! He was by my side the whole time. He would watch each contraction and let me know when I was "coming down." He fed me ice chips and applied chap stick about 1,000 times, but he never showed signs of exhaustion. He held my hand and prayed over me for 6hours! He is a blessing! We also were blessed with incredible nurses! Our main L & D nurse, Loraine, was very sweet. She didn't pressure me into having any pain meds, thankfully! She would just encourage and talk me through it. We also had some Mary-Hardin Baylor students in there. One nurse became a quick favorite as she helped push my leg into my chest when I started pushing!

Family of THREE!!!

Our sweet family that was here to welcome our Weston!

Loraine, my favorite nurse!

GieGie getting to hold Weston for the first time!

Tears of Joy from beautiful Nonnie!

Awaiting Weston!

Wes and I finally reached January 24th, the night we would be admitted to the hospital to start labor!!! We were both super excited and ready! My bags had been packed for months now! We left the house at 4:30 to arrive at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center Hospital at 5:00. We registered, got our hospital bracelets made, and were given a Labor and Delivery room!!

Shortly after getting settled, the nurses came in to explain the induction process and give me my comfy gown! Dr. Wang, my OB, showed up around 6:00pm to insert the cervadil which would soften my cervix to prepare for labor.

After we were all situated, mom, Rachel, Angie, and our sweet friend Anne Magers came up to visit and eat dinner with us. Wes, Mom, Angie, and Rachel enjoyed some Rosati's pizza, while I settled for broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl from Panera. Anne had written down some encouraging scripture for me that Rachel copied onto the white board in my room. Unfortunately I wasn't able to visit long because they decided to give me a pill to help me sleep and I was out immediately after! (I was later grateful for that magic pill because I needed all the rest and strength I could get for what was to come!) Sometimes Dr.'s do know best!