Monday, February 27, 2012

Welcome Wee Weston!!

James Weston was born January 25th, 2012 at 1:32pm! He was 7lbs. 14oz and 20in! He was just perfect!

The cervadil took so well they ended up taking it out sooner than expected. Original plan was to leave it in place for 12 hours, but my contractions were getting closer together and it was keeping me up, so they ended up taking it out around midnight. The next morning around 6:00am they started my pitocin, and then broke my water around 8:00am. All was going smooth until Dr. Wang came in to check me and discovered sweet Weston was sunny side up! Uh oh! I had to then get in the "praying position" which mean I had to face the back of the hospital bed on my knees, for an HOUR! Yes, HOUR! That was the longest hour of my life, not to mention the hardest! This ended up being so difficult because I couldn't rest in between my contractions. Keeping in mind I was at a 6 so my contractions were getting closer together and more intense. BUT, praise the Lord, the praying position worked, he turned himself around! I began to feel the urge to push shortly after...was told to wait...felt the need again...the nurse came in and checked, and called for Dr. Wang, it was GO time! Thank you Lord for being able to finally push, what a great feeling! I did get to see him crowning with the mirror, which truly helped me continue to push! I'm thankful now that I chose to see that little head! After 4 rounds of the 10 second pushing sessions, WESTON was HERE!

The greatest feeling in the world...when my sweet blessing was laid on my chest for the first time! 

Every good and perfect gift is from above!

Our labor experience couldn't have been any better, well actually maybe take out the sunny side up part, then it couldn't have gone any better! Overall, it was great! My precious mom was in there with Wes and she was such an encourager to us both. She held my hand, wiped my sweaty forehead, dug her fists into my back when I was having back labor, and prayed into my ear when contractions felt unbearable! Wes did an unbelievable job as well! I have the greatest husband! He was by my side the whole time. He would watch each contraction and let me know when I was "coming down." He fed me ice chips and applied chap stick about 1,000 times, but he never showed signs of exhaustion. He held my hand and prayed over me for 6hours! He is a blessing! We also were blessed with incredible nurses! Our main L & D nurse, Loraine, was very sweet. She didn't pressure me into having any pain meds, thankfully! She would just encourage and talk me through it. We also had some Mary-Hardin Baylor students in there. One nurse became a quick favorite as she helped push my leg into my chest when I started pushing!

Family of THREE!!!

Our sweet family that was here to welcome our Weston!

Loraine, my favorite nurse!

GieGie getting to hold Weston for the first time!

Tears of Joy from beautiful Nonnie!

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