Thursday, March 22, 2012

My First Road Trip!!

Well, after weeks of sitting on the fence on whether to take Weston on a trip, we decided to fall on the ROAD TRIP side! Wes had planned to run Cutter in the Central Arkansas dog trial that Mark Miles was hosting, however, she came into heat 2 days prior to our trip! BUT...Mom and Rachel had planned to bring Grandaddy to Arkansas to meet Weston for the first time! This was SO worth a 7 hour drive with an infant!

and we're a good start...Weston was asleep within 5 minutes of driving!

Wes took off work a little early on Thursday, March 15th, and we were on I-35 by 4:00pm! I nursed Weston right before strapping him in is carseat and we made it south of Texarkana before our 1st stop...not bad! Little did we know our next stop wouldn't be until we reached Mark and Roxanne's house at 11:00pm! I had been very nervous about this experience, but much to my surprise it was way better than expected! Weston did great! He wasn't even fussy despite being in his carseat for 4 hours at a time! I will say that poor boy was sucking on his fists before that 11:00pm arrival!

Wes and Roxanne set up the Pack N Play while I fed Weston! Let me just say, this was hysterical to watch! We hadn't ever set up the Pack N Play before and Wes doesn't do well with putting things together! Not to mention, tthey were trying to be quiet because Mark was already sleeping. I had the lights dim for Weston and Roxanne couldn't see to read the directions and of course Wes wouldn't read them, apparently when men read directions it hurts their manhood! SO, I ended up reading the directions as I watched them put it together! =) They did get it assembled though!

Friday Wes woke up early and went to help Mark shoot birds at the trial, Roxanne went to work, and Weston and I slept in and relaxed! Meanwhile, Mom, Rachel, and Grandad were heading our direction!! Roxanne came home around lunchtime and she and I went to lunch at a cute coffee house called, Midnight Owl. Weston did well right up until my last bite...then he came unglued! He went to hollaring! I calmed him down by walking into a cute children's shop and picking him out an Easter outfit! Roxanne left to show a house and Weston and I returned home to wait for Great-Grandad!
5:00pm they arrived and Weston and I headed over to the La Quinta to greet them!! He was SO excited to see his Nonnie, his Aunt Rachel, and meet his Great Grandad for the first time!

Such a Treasured time!

It was bitter sweet without having my Nanny sitting beside Grandad, but I know she's sitting beside our Savior and smiling down!!

I shed a few tears, okay, more than a few, as I thanked God for this opportunity! I will never forget that special day! I'm thankful that Grandad was able to make the drive and that Mom and Rachel were willing to bring him! We LOVE you Grandad and are SO thankful for you!

Here are some more pictures from our stay in Searcy, Arkansas...
Aunt Rachel rocking me to sleep!

Weston sharing his beautiful grin with Nonnie and Great-Grandaddy!

I love my Aunt Rachel!

LOVE my Great Grandaddy!

After Mom, Rachel, and Grandaddy left, Weston spent some time with his GieGie and his Bob!!

Sitting outside rocking with my Giegie!

LOVE being in my daddy's big strong arms!

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