Friday, August 16, 2013

Weston at 18months!

I wanted to take time to write some things about Weston while he's currently 18 months, and not 18 years! Each age and stage is a learning process for both me and Weston, but I'm thinking this might be one of my favorite ages! (Yes I do say that with each age, but I love this age right now!)

Things Weston Says:
-Mama, Mooooom, Mommy
-Dad, Dad-aaa, Daddy
-Cu-Cu (cutter-our lab)
-Mee-Wee (mr. whitaker our chihuahua) Credits to aunt Jenny for starting the "mee-wee" nick-name!
-Sassy-paci (that we are trying to say bye-bye to)
-Eed book- (read book)
-ba-ba (ball)
-bocks (blocks)
-Hold you (when he's wanting us to hold him)
-I help
-ink (drink)
-hello, hi
-see-see (horsey)
-gogie (doggie)
-kitty cat
-night night
-Hold you, My Daddy
-I sit
-I side (I slide)
-I unt down (I want down)
-I hit (meaning he wants to hit a ball with his golf club)
-I unt moe-I want more
-Where'd it go?
-shoe-fye-shew fly
-see em (see them)
-ju-ju (juice)

Sounds he can make:
truck and tractor

Things Weston does:
Can point out his belly-button which he calls (butt-bees?)
Points to his ears, eyes, nose, teeth
Makes animal noises
Makes a scary face
marches and stomps

My personal favorites at this age...
-Weston loves to give hugs!
-When he makes his donkey noise, he puts both hands behind his head to make donkey ears as he says "ee-aaw"
-Lately when he stands on something (can be a chair, stool, book, anything on the ground) he will raise both hands in the air and make a loud noise...almost like he's singing from the highest mountain top! SO CUTE!
-Loves Loves Loves tractors and trucks
-Loves to sit in our laps and read stories (his favorites are: Farm Friends, Elmo Opposites, Where's Spot, Tractor book, Brown Bear)
-When he makes his animal noises
-After bath time when he plays around on our bed!
-How he takes his snacks and crawls under the kitchen table to eat them
-How he smiles that sweet grin when we've been away from  him
-When we pass someone in a store or out playing he always waves and says "hi" or "bye" (our little Mayor!)
-Watching him learn new concepts and play independently

Who am I kidding, everything this sweet boy does, I LOVE and am SO proud of him! He's such a treasure and joy and I'm so very grateful to call him SON!


  1. P r e c i o u s!!! I love that sweet boy. I cannot get over how big and adorable and smart he is! I loved reading all the words he can say. Too cute. Love you and your sweet family!

    1. Well we LOVE YOU! Thanks for reading my blog!! yay!! My one and only reader! Guess I should update soon! =)