Friday, August 17, 2012

Lake with Stowell's & Cruze's!

Weston boy is 7 months and taking his first trip with friends to the lake house in AL! We've invited Jess, Tommy, and baby wesley (in the womb), Kyle, Kristen, and Eli (8 months). We had such a great time playing with the boys in the pool and laughing together! Kristen conquered one of her fears and jumped the huge cliff there (pregnant!) We didn't know it at the time, though! Here are a few shots from our weekend getaway...

 Our sweet boys playing "ball"on the carpet!
 Cruze Family!

 Eli Cruze looking cool!
 Tommy Surfin'
 So while the Daddy's play on the boat..the Mommy's decide to blow leaves off the deck...took a little bit to get started...thanks Kristen for the backup! 

 My sweet sweet loves!

 Baby love fallin asleep on the boat!
 Jess and Tommy and baby Wesley...due any day now...

 This boy melts my heart!

 Thankful for these great girls!

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