Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Move from China Spring to Franklin...

June 9th became one of the longest days we've experienced in a long while. 8am 5 movers from Christian Brothers Moving Company showed up to start packing the huge Penske truck. 2 hours deep in the wrapping furniture and loading the truck process they discover we aren't going to fit everything into this one truck. Great! Just wanted we wanted to find another trailer to fit more junk in. Wes calls 2 u-haul places and manages to go pick up 1 8x12 trailer. Meanwhile the movers keep packing/loading while Weston and I drove to the airport to pick up PawPaw and Aunt YayYay! Now all hands are on deck...packing, wrapping, moving, taping, cleaning, tending to a baby...etc! The Christian brothers time expires and they leave after completely packing the Penske from top to bottom. We manage to fill the entire 8x12 u-haul up only to find MORE JUNK! Geez, where did all this crud come from????? SO...Wes calls and rents yet another 8x12 u-haul that we pull behind the Penske! We were the definition of sanford and son or the Beverly Hillbillies, whichever you'd rather picture! We still managed to leave stuff, unbelievable I know. Dad left around 4 and we didn't end up pulling out of the drive way until about 8pm. Thank the Lord for my sister Rachel who helped us tremendously!! I couldn't have done it all without her help. I thought I was packed and organized, haha!! I had no idea what that hot June 9th day would entail! Never again do I hope to move out of a house in 1 day! Not to mention having to start our drive the same evening...bleh!

Here are some photos to capture that chaotic experience!

 Old House              
Weston peed on me during a diaper change!

Together at last!! Weston finally got to meet his Aunt Jenny, Uncie Caleb and cousin Mia!

Our Welcome Home sign that Megan and the kids made! SO sweet!
Thankful that we made it!

They've come to get us and bring them back with them!
Realizing rather quickly that all our stuff isn't going to fit...bummer.
Last photo in Weston's first home.

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