Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gentry's Farm, Daddy's Birthday and my 9 month Lil' Punkin! absolute favorite time of year! Love TN in the Fall...the leaves changing, football season, cool nights, bonfires, hot cocoa, inside fires in the fireplace, I love it all! It's been fun to experience fall with this precious booger too! I think he likes it as well! 

We've done a lot this October...Daddy celebrated his 28th birthday on Oct. 19th! We had a Fiesta, pinata and all! Robb and Morgan surprised Daddy for his birthday! 

Giegie and I took you to Gentry's farm for the first time! You road a tractor, went on a hay ride, went through hay maze, saw lots of animals, and picked out a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch! 

Mommy had the great idea of gutting and cutting a pumpkin for you to get in, yes I said get IN! If mommy has a thought, it's usually put into action, and fast! I had Jessica and Wesley over to do one also! You didn't mind it at first, but as you can see by the pictures, you decided 20 minutes in a pumpkin was quite enough! You're a trooper! Thanks for tolerating mommy's crazy ideas! 

You attended John & Jamie Brannen's wedding at Scarritt Bennett and then reception at Loveless Barn!

You also went to Uncle Caleb's 30th birthday party!

 My LiL' PunKin!

 Hmm..this isn't so bad, we can eat it!

 Ok ok OK I've had enough...get me outta here!

 Happy now because I got a snack, until mommy put me back in for a few more pictures on the  bench!

 Riding your first John Deer at Gentry's Farm
 Playing in the rice filled troughs at Gentry's. 
 How tall this Fall?
 Pumpkin you picked from the pumpkin patch! (with a little assistance!)

 Not sure about the hay ride at first!

 We also made a trip to AR to pick up Boone from Mark and Roxanne's house! 
 MR. Whitaker is telling Boone whose boss...
 Boys at Daddy's birthday fiesta!
 One hit and the pinata went flyin'
 You're Elmer Fudd hat your Nonnie got you! This is my favorite outfit to put you in...carhartt overalls and your hat!

 Happy Birthday to Daddy!

 You had a little too much fun at daddy's birthday party! Sweet boy! Mama enjoyed the cuddle time!
 PawPaw time at Uncle Caleb's birthday party!

 Happy Boy after church!

 Oh yes, we also had John and Jamie Brannen's wedding this month, this makes your 2nd wedding appearance! You did good, but got sleepy really fast! 
You're very FIRST cone, from Chic-Fil-A! Major hit!

 I couldn't resist this rooster costume. Even though I don't care for Halloween, I had to put you into a costume and this one had your name on it...could you be any cuter!!

I think you kinda enjoyed being in a rooster outfit! 

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