Friday, November 9, 2012

Trip to the Biltmore and 10 months!

November...another busy, yet fun month! This month you traveled to Tuscaloosa, AL to stay with Robb and Morgan so Daddy could go to the AL vs. TX A&M football game. We went to Christmas Village with Cynthia, Carrie, Nonnie, and Kathy! You got to tag along on our girls trip to Asheville, NC to the Biltmore for a few nights! You experienced your first Boulevard Bolt at GranMarty and Temps and your 1st Thanksgiving! You went to Opryland to see all the Christmas lights! Lastly, you turned 10 months old!! Here are some pictures from this month...

 You love to swing right now!

 Road trip with ALL the girls (and Pate!)


 You took a few steps while having a picnic with Yay-yay, Nonnie, and great Aunt Kak at Nanny's grave. 

 Starting you off tradition is to run the Boulevard Bolt on THanksgiving every year! 
 The whole Bolt Crew
 Sweetest little turkey I've ever seen!
 Mommy had the table set so after the Boulevard Bolt we could all come and eat, eat, eat!

 Hugs with Great Grand-Daddy Armstrong!

Happy 10 Months lovebug!

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