Tuesday, December 25, 2012

First Christmas and 11 Months Old!

Christmas day sweet Weston boy turned 11 months old! How in the world are you 11 months already? I can say that I've enjoyed every single second of every single 11 months!If I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times...you are a BLESSING and a JOY! 

This December, you...saw your first snow! You were dressed up (by mommy) as a snowman! (I'm crazy, but it was too cute!) You experienced your first Gingerbread decorating party at GieGie and Bob's house! Christmas day you opened presents with mommy and daddy at home, then went to giegie and bobs to do secret santa, then to nonnie's house to do christmas there, then to pawpaw and tutu's house, then to aunt claire's house to have christmas with the Miller family! It was a LONG day, but you did great! You played and opened presents and played more! I think you take after mommy and daddy and like cold weather! =)

 Silly momma dressing you as a snowman, but a cute one at that!

 Weston opening Christmas gifts from Nonnie!
 Gingerbread Decorating Party! Congrats to Robb & Mo for winning the title!

 Cowboy and Phil from Duck Dynasty were me and daddy's gingerbread men!
 Opening your very FIRST Christmas gift! =)

Happy 11 months precious boy! We love you so so very much and are thankful to call you "our son!"

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