Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday!!

I'm gonna go ahead and say what every mom says when their baby turns 1...where did the time go? How are you 1 already? Weston boy, your mommy and daddy couldn't be more proud of you!! We couldn't love you any more! You bring so much JOY to our life! This past year has been full of challenges, firsts, laughs, tears, but overall it's been the greatest year of our lives! We've learned so much about ourselves and the Lord this past year. We are continuing to pray Luke 2:52 with you and over you, "that you would grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." We pray you come to know Jesus personally at an early age and that you will live your life out to glorify God in all you do! That you'd be a leader, not a follower. That you would put others before yourself. That you would know how precious you are and how much God loves you! 

January 25th, 2013- we woke you up with pancakes that spelled your name! You looked bigger already! =) This was your first taste of pancakes and you LOVED them! You ate every last drop! For lunch your aunt yay-yay took you to Jason's Deli and you ordered from the kids meal for the first time ever! You got a turkey sandwich with fruit! Mommy & Daddy got you a new Britax big boy carseat!

For your first birthday party, we had a cowboy themed party! We saw that suited you considering you are a Texan an all! =) We had friends and family over to celebrate with us. We had a bonfire, cookie decorating, food, cake, presents, party favor bags, and a cardboard cowboy/girl cutout to play in! You were rather overwhelmed with the amount of people in our little quiet abode. You enjoyed  being outside and watching the fire and staying close to mommy and daddy. You weren't sure about your presents at first, but with Mia and Kaylees help, you got the loved your tractor from aunt yay-yay and your cozy coupe from aunt Megan! You had an organic (yes i'm crazy and was afraid to give you too much processed stuff so young) vanilla smash cake with 1 candle on it! We helped you blow it out and then you went to town on that cake! You started taking fist fulls- it was hilarious! I of course took it away from you before you ate the entire thing, in fear of you getting sick or a sugar high! You did just fine though!

Guests that attended your first birthday party: Mommy, Daddy, Nonnie, PawPaw, GieGie, Bob, Aunt Jenny, Uncle Caleb, Mia, Aunt Megan, Uncle Tillman, Mary Layne, Doss, McFadin, Pate, Great aunt Kathy, Great Aunt Mary, Dorothy, Great Uncle Leo and Great Aunt Joanne, Laura, Clinton, Callen, Kristen, Kyle, Eli, Jessica, Wesley, Mike and Michael Lalonde! YOU ARE ONE LOVED BOY!

Gifts you were given: puzzles, books, pj's, tractors and more tractors, basketball goal, balls, ball toys, cozy coupe

Here are some pictures that captured your FIRST birthday party!

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