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June 9, 2011

June 9th, 2011 is a day I will never forget as long as I live! I was in Nashville visiting family. Wes was unfortunately back in Waco working. I had a Dr.'s appointment at 9:45am with Dr. Sally Yeagley and had asked mom to go with me. I was actually going for other reasons and much to my surprise the Dr. said the only thing "wrong" with me was that, "I WAS PREGNANT!!" My jaw fell to the floor and tears immediately started running down my cheeks. I kept saying, "are you sure? are you serious? you're really sure?" "YES! YES! and YES!" she was sure!! Before meeting with the Dr. to figure out my due date I immediately called Wes (at work) and told him the wonderful news! I had always envisioned some cute way of telling him when this day happened, but I wasn't leaving Nashville for a few more days and I couldn't keep the news a second longer! Wes was sitting at his desk at Big Creek Construction and had the same response I did, he began crying and thanking God!! It was the sweetest conversation, I wanted nothing more than to jump through that phone and hug him so tight!

Mom had been in the waiting room, patiently waiting, and as I rounded the corner I asked mom if she had any plans at 3:00 that afternoon? She responded with, "no, my appointment actually just cancelled." I responded with, "Well good, because we have an ultrasound at 3:00 at innervision across the street! WE'RE PREGNANT!" Mom and I immediately embraced each other and shared tears of joy! The sweet nurses were watching from their glass window!

As mom and I were walking to the car we both just had the largest smiles on our faces! I was in complete shock! That wasn't the news I was expecting, but news that I had prayed to hear for quite some time!! God's timing is always the best!

We ran a few errands, grabbed lunch, and watched the clock until that 3:00 ultrasound! Wes had called Angie and we invited her to the ultrasound as well. She got there a little late and waited in the waiting room, but she was with us to know that the 3:00 appointment indeed confirmed WE WERE PREGNANT! The ultrasound tech suspected we were about 5 weeks, and our due date would be Feb. 1st!!

We then went straight to Babies R Us and bought some bottles that we could put our 1st ultrasound picture down in. We also went to Phillips Toy Mart to buy "clue items" for when we told Rachel the great news! We drove to Cool Springs to Rachel's office. I told her I had an early birthday present for her, but it was in parts and she had to put all the pieces together to figure out what her actual present was...1st gift was an eye for "I" 2nd gift was a heart for "love" 3rd gift was a little ant in a clear box that had RACHEL written around it for "aunt rachel" Then I handed her a book and told her to open to the back of it...that's where she would find our ultra sound picture!!! She was a little confused at first, but then all the pieces fit together and she too started crying and came across that desk so fast and we hugged and cried and hugged and cried and laughed some too! Mom was there capturing this precious moment on film! (crying too, ofcourse!)

Next stop, my precious precious Nanny and Grandad's house. Nanny and I had countless conversations about when Wes and I would have a baby. After finding out in May that Nanny's cancer had spread to both her lungs, my heart longed to be pregnant even more. I had told Wes that all I wanted was for Nanny to know that we were pregnant before something happened to her. Again, GOD's timing was and is perfect!! Mom and I bought a book for Nanny that was about a Great-Grandmother reading to her great-grandchild. I had gone through and crossed out words to make it appropriate and in the front wrote, "To My Great-Grand Nanny, Love Baby Williams (coming Feb. 1st!!)"Nanny's face as she sat in her green recliner, is a face I will hold in my heart, forever. It's a face I can't even begin to describe. I can say it was a face of joy, of peace, of grace, and of thanksgiving to God. My prayer of becoming pregnant while Nanny was on this earth was answered, my prayer of being able to tell Nanny face to face versus over the phone, was also answered. I am eternally grateful for this experience.

After Nanny's I went to my Dad's house and shared the news with he and Emme! They were very excited as well to become grandparents again! I then went to Caleb and Jenny's and gave Mia the bottle and waited until Caleb or Jenny asked where she got it and what was in it. It didn't take Jenny long, she saw straight through that bottle, yanked it from Mia's hands and opened it immediately saying, "YEAH!!" They were pumped and we shared great laughs with Caleb's comments! I also went over to Megan and Tillman's house and handed the bottle to Megan as soon as I walked in. She knew before even opening it, infact, she tossed the bottle on the ground and starting screaming and dancing around the kitchen! I loved it! I knew Megan would be ecstatic! =)

What a beautiful day June 9th was! Thank you Lord for this blessing and for the joy of being able to share it with the ones we love the most!

"He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted."
Job 5:9

 Rachel's reaction...

 Nanny's reaction...(granddad is still a little confused over there!)

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