Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another Pottery Experience!

Weston and I attempted to paint again at Practically Pikasso yesterday. This time we enjoyed our time with my sweet friend Katie and her precious 7 mo old, Abbie! I have to say they both did really well! Despite Weston's 2 wet diapers and feeding in public for the first time, we were still able to complete our mug...success! Katie and I both felt a little nervous taking young kiddos into this place, but they did so well! Katie also painted a mug that was adorable! I'm so very thankful for the time I've had away from work to enjoy and create memories, such as these, with Weston! Also glad we were able to spend some time with Katie and Abbie and that our kids did so well! Looking forward to another Katie date, soon!

Weston is quite proud of his artwork!

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