Friday, April 20, 2012

Just Like Daddy!!

Nothing brings me more joy than to look at my sweet little boys face and see his daddy!! From the minute Weston was born our Doctor, Dr. Wang, looked at me and said, "Oh! He looks just like Wes!" He especially did at birth, but still does! His mannerisms are even like his daddy!

He has his daddy's beautiful blue eyes, his daddy's cow licks on the front and back of his head, his daddy's square feet, his daddy's nose, his daddy's mouth-wide-open-grin, his daddy's chubby little fingers, and he doesn't miss a meal...ALL JUST LIKE DADDY!

Weston loves it when daddy comes home from work! We make a big production about daddy coming home! We both greet him on the porch with arms wide open! Soon Weston will be big enough to stand at the window and listen for that diesel hum and run to greet his daddy!

I am so blessed to have two of the most wonderful men in my life, my precious husband and my precious baby boy! We have an awesome God! A God who loves us SO much that He allows us to experience such great things, such as family!

"Dad! You're the best!"

"YaHoo, Dad's Home!!!"

My 2 boys! Couldn't be more grateful for each of you!
I am very thankful for a husband that loves the Lord and that wants to teach and model a Godly lifestyle for our son! What a great example Weston has in his Daddy! We love you Wes!

My prayer is that God continues to give Wes strength to lead (Joshua 1:7), and that God would bless his work and show him daily how to honor You in his attitude and spirit (Psalm 90:16-17, Daniel 6).

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