Friday, April 6, 2012

A visit from a student!

One of my most favorite students, Drew Magers, came to visit me on Wednesday, April 4th! His mom is a favorite too! She was there the night we checked into the hospital and then came again once Weston was born! She's been a mentor, on many levels. She's amazing! She brought her 2 sweet boys, Drew and Ben out for a visit. I LOVED getting to spend some time with them! I ended up taking them on a short ride, which they both enjoyed. Anne entertained Weston for me, so I got to play with the horses too! They brought me the sweetest gift, my favorite kind, homemade! Each egg had a sweet note, one from Anne, one from Ben, and one from Drew...precious! Thankful to have taught Drew and for Anne's friendship! I'll miss the Magers!

Brave Ben who kept asking, "Mrs. Williams can we go faster?"

He asked if I'd take a picture of him hugging Zan!!

Sweet Sweet Drew!!

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