Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dinner at Bob's in Gatesville!

Wes, Weston, and I had a wonderful dinner at Bob Goulden's house in Gatesville on Sunday night (14th). Bob works with Wes at Big Creek and he invited us over for a steak at his house! He has a beautiful home on many acres!

Weston got to see a cow for the first time! We enjoyed watching the mama cows with all their little calves. He also saw lots, and I mean lots, of hummingbirds. Bob has 3 different hummingbird feeders, and boy do they love that sweet nectar! Weston enjoyed himself!

Bob cooked a wonderful steak with fresh veggies! It was so pretty, I took a picture of it! You know it's good when Wes ate ALL his veggies, which is rare! I, on the other hand, love veggies, that was my favorite part!

Overall, we enjoyed our time visiting with Bob!

They let you get so close!

Steak, corn, mushrooms, tomatoes, and okra...doesn't get much better!!

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