Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 25th...Happy 3 Month, Weston!

April 25th marked Weston's 3 month birthday! Sweet boy is growing and sharing more and more of his precious little personality! We couldn't love him more!

Daily Schedule:

Wakes up anywhere between 5:30-6:30am and nurses. He will either go right back to sleep or sometimes plays for a hour or so, then falls back asleep around 7:30. He will then sleep until around 9:30-10:00 and want to nurse again. He will play hard until he's ready for a short nap, usually from 11:00-11:45. He will nurse anywhere between 12:30-1:30. He will enjoy some tummy time, sit in his bouncer, play on his playmat, watch his favorite Bible action songs DVD, and smile at mama! He typically takes a long 3 hr afternoon nap! He has been sleeping from about 2-5. He will stay up after that until his 8 o'clock bath time! Our nightly routine is to read "I Couldn't love you more" and one of his Bible stories and/or Bedtime Prayer book, take a bath, nurse, burp and rock, then straight to bed. He's in bed every night by 9pm. He's such a dream when it comes to night time! He goes down for night-night so easily!

Eating Habits:

Weston is still eating every 3 hours, in fact sometimes we're back to every 2, must be a growth spurt! He's still a strong  eater! Since he's sleeping through the night, he has to make up for those missed meals during the day...which he's good at doing! =) He's so sweet when he nurses, he will wrap one arm around me and the other hand is up by his hear just rubbing his head and ear! ADORABLE! He almost always closes his little eyes during each feeding too!

Things Weston Likes...
-sucking on his fist and/or thumb, much more recently!
-the soothie paci! (we like too, cause we can see him sucking, too cute)
-being rocked
-being read to
-being sung too
-his action bible dvd
-his praise baby cd
-taking walks
-sitting on the porch
-his bouncer
-his playmat
-toys with noise!

His sweet "soothie" paci!

Precious toes

-Weston has been sucking his thumb for a while, but he's started to really suck either his thumb and pointer finger or his whole fist!
-He has really started discovering his voice and cooing a LOT! He is communicating so much more!
-Recognizing mama and daddy every time and our voices!
-Smiling much more!
-Able to grip things now!
-Sorta starting to reach for stuff!
-He's getting better neck control during "tummy time"
-Has rescued his own paci several times, but it's been total luck! Still cute to see though!
-Hasn't rolled over yet, but he's sure rockin' back n forth well!

What we call, "The Weston!" This is what he does when he's nursing or sleeping! So stinkin' cute!

I love my job!

Weston's "coo face" He gets these little dimples on his upper lip when he's talking!!

Relaxing on his playmat with his "bun-bun!"


Weston, just like the title of our favorite book for you, "WE COULDN'T LOVE YOU MORE," You bring so much JOY to me and daddy! You are a sweet sweet blessing and gift!

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