Friday, April 20, 2012

Thank you Aunt Mo and Uncie Robb!

Weston and I had been out to lunch with Wes and found a sweet surprise in our mailbox today...a gift from Aunt Mo and Uncie Robb!! Weston was super excited! Morgan had her mom sew Weston 3 different onsies and a sweet monogrammed bib! We LOVED them! Thanks Aunt Mo, Uncie Robb, and Mrs.  Hamm!! Weston's cousins, Mary Layne, Doss, Mac, and Pate also have the sailboat cute they will all be this summer in their matching onsies!!

Weston is ready to meet his cousins and his Aunt Mo and Uncie Robb! We love you guys!! Thanks so much for your thoughtful gift!!!

Adorable! Thanks again!

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